Many Goodhue County men and their related families have served in the United States military at some point in our Nation's history. By listing them here, we honor THEM and their contributions, and perhaps provide answers to valuable sources of genealogical information. We salute THEM!

Reunion at RED WING, MN (Main Street)
Veterans of 1st Minnesota Regiment
About 1905

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WAR OF 1812

CIVIL WAR (See individual biographies on these people AND see Civil War page, with details about each Minnesota Regiment)

Alberts, Hiram - 11th Minn.Inf.
Allen, Arland H., 7th Iowa Calvary.
Amundson, Amund
1st MN.Hvy Artillery
Anderson, Olof
- 3rd Minn. Inf.
Austin, George, 12th Mass. Inf.
Bailey, J.V.H. 1st MN. Hvy Artillery
Bohmbach, Henry, 2nd Minn. Infantry
Brink, Charles, 6th Minn Infantry
Buchholz, William - 1st MN Hvy Artillery
Bump, John - 3rd MN Infantry - died Murfreesboro
Burfiend, Cord 1st MN Heavy Artillery
Cady, S.G., 7th Minn.Infantry
Carlson, Frank A.,
3rd Minn. Inf.
Charlton, Richard,
2nd Sharpshooter
Clemens, Peter, 12th Wisconsin Infantry
Collins, Alfred, Independent Battallion
Cook. George, 6th Minn. Infantry
Colvill, William, 1st Minn. & 1st Heavy Artillery (Brigadier General)
Cross, William, 3rd Minn. Infantry
Danielson, Hans
7th MN.. Infantry
Danforth, William, 16th Vermont
Davis, Charles, 10th MN (Captain)
Day, James W.,
1st MN and 3rd MN.
Dickinson, Norman,
8th Minn. Infantry
Dickinson, Perry
, 8th Minn. Infantry
Doxey, William, 16th Illinois
Druse, E.H., 5th MN Infantry (wounded at Nashville)
Erickson, C.A., 5th MN Infantry (wounded at Nashville)
Flom, A. A.,
2nd Minn. Infantry.
Fountain, William, 148th NY Infantry
Gardner, Charles,
13th NY
Garrard, Israel, Gen.
7th Ohio Calvary
George, Fred,
US Navy
Giles, James,
1st MN Heavy Artillery
Giles, N.R.,
8th Massachusetts
Goudy, William,
6th Minn. Infantry.
Gould, George,
1st MN Hvy Artillery
Graham, John A.
3rd Minn. Infantry
Graves, A.F.,
12th Illinois Calvary
Grow, E.F.,
1st Minn. Infantry
Haggard, T.B.,
2nd Minn. Infantry
Hall, Oscar,
8th NY Cavalry
Hancock, William,
6th Vermont
Heber, Nicholas -
7th Wis. Infantry
Hennings, Christ,
3rd Minn. Infantry
Heyes, William,
11th Minn. Inf. (died at Battle of Wilderness)
Hewitt, Charles, Dr.,
50th New York Inf.
Hilden, Peter,
1st MN Heavy Artillery
Hoard, Joseph S.,
101st Penn.
Holland, S.C.,
5th Minn. Infantry.
Holton, Nelson,
33rd Wisconsin
Howe, Abraham, Jr.,
US. Sharpshooters
Hubbard, L.F.,
4th Minn. Inf.(Brig. General)
Huset, Ole (?)
Jennison, Samuel P.,
2nd Minn. & 10th Minn. (General)
Jewell, Fenn,
5th Minn. Infantry.
Johnson, Darius-
1st MN.Heavy Artillery
Johnson, Hans, 27th Iowa Inf.
Johnson, J.C. -
1st MN H. Artillery
Klar, Fred - 4th MN.Infantry.
Knox, Martin G,
Kruger, Rudolph, Hon, 3rd MN. Infantry
Larson, Ola,
12th Illinois
Lauver, Isaac,
3rd MN Infantry
Lothrup, Josiah,
8th MN.Infantry
Lyon, W.P.
3rd Minn. Inf.
Magee, Robert,
Brackett's Battalion.
Mattson, Matt (?)
McCoy, G.G., Captain,
8th MN. Infantry
McKenzie, Edwin,
7th MN Infantry
McLean, N.C.,
75th Ohio
Mills, James,
1st MN. H.. Artillery.
Mills, William,
2nd Minn.
Nelson, John,
Indian Wars (6th Minn) & Civil War (16th Army Corps.)
Nichols, D.B.
1st MN. Heavy.Artillery
Olson, Bond,
3rd MN Infantry
Opsal, M.T.,
2nd MN.Infantry
Parker, Edmund,
1st MN H. Art.
Parker, Elton,
8th MN.Infantry
Brackett's Bat.
Peck, William,
1st Minn. died at Gettysburg, bros. Elijah died New Ulm.
Peterson, Christian,
6th MN Infantry
Peterson, Hans
, 6th MN Infantry
Peterson, J.W.,Hon. 6th MN Infantry
Phillips, Christie,
11th MN Infantry
Pollard, James,
1st MN. Heavy Artillery
Quayle, John J.
194th NY Infantry
Root, Leander-
5th MN.Infantry - died at Corinth
Scofield, D.B.,
8th MN.Infantry
Scofield, Henry
, 23rd Wisc.
Scofield, J.L., 8th MN.Infantry
Smith, Daniel - 6th MN and 16th Army
Thompson, Joseph- 10th MN.Infantry
Townsend, P.N.,
11th MN.Infantry
Veder, John T., Berdan's Sharpshooters
Warren, Ira D.,
121st NY
Webb, Martin,
4th MN. Infantry
Wheeler, O.C.,
12th PA
Youm, Reuben,
died of wounds

SIOUX UPRISING (1862) - Minnesota
Bullis, T.R. (Mounted Rangers)
Davis, David
(Goodhue County Ranger)
Peck, Elijah (7th Minn. Inf.died at New Ulm - bros. William died at Gettysburg)
Magee, Robert (Brackett's Batallion)
Phillips, Christie

Graham, Chris
Harrison, A.

Hawkins, Benjamin Aloysius, Sr, Mexican Border

Hawkins, Benjamin Aloysius, Sr

Hawkins, Benjamin Aloysius, Sr (Retired as Col AUS after 47 years service in the National Guard in 1925 National Guard 205 Inf Co B

Hawkins, Benjamin Aloysius, Jr,

Hawkins, Benjamin Aloysius, Jr.

Hawkins, Benjamin Aloysius, Jr., Retired as Lcdr USN in 1968 in CA


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Goodhue County, Minnesota 1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Contributed by Kenneth Thomas, February 1999

Name/Pensioner - P.O Address - Cause for pension - Mo Rate Allowance

Walls, James Ayr wd. lt. foot $ 5.33 1/3
Doyle, Walter W. Black Oak ampt. finger 2.66 2/3
Leach, Albert G. Cannon River g. s. w. lt. thigh 2.00 Jan., 1881
Flynn, Jonathan " rheumatism 4.00 Dec., 1882
Morell, Jane " widow 8.00
Boss, Martha M. " widow 8.00
Jepson, Joel " g. s. w. lt. arm & lt. leg 4.00 Dec., 1881
Jones, John " g. s. w. lt. hand 2.00 Feb., 1880
Pierce, Emeline Fair Point dep. mother 18.00 Jan., 1865
McGee, Samuel R. " wd. rt. shoulder 8.00
Martig, Solomon " dep. father 8.00
Wells, William S. Forest Mills wd. rt. thigh 8.00
Gunderson, Oliver Hader g. s. w. back & lt. thigh 8.00 Mar., 1879
Thompson, Thomas E. Holden injury to abdomen 4.00 Nov., 1879
Foglesang, Charles K. chr. diarrhea, result. dyspepsia 4.00 June, 1881
Erickson, Rayne " widow 8.00
Scott, Anne Norway dep. mother 8.00
Wood, John M. Pine Island g. s. w. lt. leg 2.00 May, 1865
Applegarth, Henry W. " dis. of eyes 4.00 May, 1878
Nichols, Thomas " dis. of eyes 14.00 May, 1878
Alden, Charles S. " shell wd. rt. knee 8.00
Howard, James N. " g. s. w. lt. leg 18.00
Holvenstot, William E. " chr. diarrhea 4.00 Feb., 1881
Smith, Ann K. " widow 8.00
Mitchell, Amos B. " inj. lt. eye, loss of rt. 4.00 Nov., 1880
Cate, Caroline " widow 8.00
Skinner, Mary " dep. mother 8.00
Reynolds, Eliza T. " dep. mother 8.00
Phelps, Sylvester A. " inj. lt. shoulder, resltg dis. lungs 8.00 June, 1880
Parkins, Thomas " g. s. w. of forehead & dyspepsia 6.00 May, 1881
Paige, George W., Jr. " partial deafness both ears 4.00 June, 1881
Cutlip, James " chr. nephritis 8.00
Kingman, Caroline E. Red Wing widow 20.00 Jan., 1863
Langworthy, Warren P. " wd. lt. side 4.00 Sept, 1880
Swanstrom, Anna B. " widow 8.00
Humphrey, George W. " g. s. w. rt. knee 2.00
Barrow, John " wd. rt. side 4.00
Johnson, Haws " g. s. w. rt. thigh 5.33 1/3
Nelson, Nels " inj. rt. hand 6.00
Nugent, Peter " wd. lt. leg 4.00
Knoble, Albin " g. s. w. rt. thigh 6.00
Richenbach, Charles " gen. debility, effects of exposure 8.00
Arden, John " dysentery, resltg dis. of abdominal viscera 4.00 June, 1882
Heiseman, John J. " scurvy 4.00 Dec., 1882
George, Tilla " widow 14.00
Hancock, William B. " wd. rt. leg 8.00
Sweney, Mary M. " widow 1812 8.00
Waugh, Fanny " widow 1812 8.00 Mar., 1879
Larson, Berta " widow 8.00
Messick, Amanda " widow 20.00
Oscar, Thomas " dis. of heart, effects of scurvy 12.00
Jordon, John " dep. father 8.00 July, 1878
Tell, Ingar " widow 8.00
Erickson, Ellen " widow 8.00
Erickson, Charles A. " wd. abdomen 4.00
Washburn, Orra " dep. mother 8.00
Wold, Martha " dep. mother 8.00
Welch, Henrietta E. " dep. mother 25.00
Wright, Amelia " dep. mother 8.00
Bohmbach, Ann " dep. mother 8.00
Quinnell, Martha " dep. mother 8.00
Cox, Ann Elizabeth " dep. mother 8.00 June, 1880
Tremain, Dorr P. " chr. diarrhea 8.00 Oct., 1867
Druse, Edmund H. " loss lt. leg 24.00
Danielson, Hans-Henry " loss lt. leg 24.00
Pallas, Thomas " injury to abdomen & resltg dis. of heart 14.00 Sept, 1880
Sharp, Henry J. " g. s. w. rt. arm & lt. hip 8.00
Trumbler, William " loss lt. arm 24.00
Thirgen, Frederick " chr. diarrhea 6.00 Mar., 1882
Curley, Malachi " g. s. w. rt. arm & forearm 4.00 Mar., 1881
Colvill, William " wd. rt. foot and shoulder 30.00
Rice, William E. " dis. of heart 4.00 Mar., 1882
Carsif, Jeremiah " g. s. w. lt. hip 8.00
Roadman, Martin " effects of g.s.w. of rt. thigh 18.00
Waymouth, Seth C. " malarial poisoning, paralysis lt. side 12.00 Apr., 1881
Larson, William Vasa chr. diarrhea 6.00 Nov., 1882
Nichols, Rowland W. Zumbrota total loss both eyes 72.00
Dickason, Obedience " dep. mother 8.00 Aug., 1880
McCoy, George G. " injury to abdomen 20.00
Scofield, Avilda " dep. mother 8.00
Shedd, Eliza R. " dep. mother 8.00
Reeves, Affa " dep. mother 8.00
Drew, Catharine " dep. mother 8.00 Oct., 1881
Straud, Ole A. " chr. gastritis, resltg diarrhea 8.00 Feb., 1881
Scofield, David B. " dis. of heart 8.00 Feb., 1878
Squire, William H. " partial paralysis of lt. arm 4.00 Oct., 1882
Caudy, Stephen G. " loss index finger rt. hand 2.00